Gynecology & Women’s Health on Social Media

For over 40 years, September has been recognized as Sexual Health Awareness Month. This year the theme is Turn it on: Sexual health and gynecology on social media in a digital world. Accelerated by the pandemic, it speaks to the recognition that:

“We have found in the digital landscape new ways of learning, living together, enjoying, creating, relating, communicating and experiencing our sexuality.”

It is a fact that the way we consume social media has been dramatically changed.

“Edutainment” – content intended to be both educational and enjoy able – has been widely produced and viewed across platforms and industries. And the medical field is not an exception.

Curious about how the digital world is transpiring into gynecology and women’s health, we compiled some social media accounts that are resonating among consumers.

It is important to highlight that social media content needs to be treated as a source of general knowledge and should not replace an individual consultation with a specialist.

What is your opinion about Edutainment in the medical field? Are you using or planning to use these channels to communicate with your costumers? Do you follow other interesting accounts?

Let us continue investigating these channels together. 

Gynecology and women’s health on social media:

Jennifer Lincoln, MD, IBCLC

Instagram: 96.3 K Followers

TikTok: 2.3 M Followers

Dr. Lincoln is an OBGYN, author and social media educator based in Portland, US. On her Instagram profile, she posts content around common gynecological topics such as birth control, period, pregnancy and sexual health. Her short educational videos on TikTok reach ten thousand views.

Ali Rodriguez, MD

Instagram: 65K Followers       TikTok: 1.4 M Followers         Dr. Rodrigues creates content around women’s health. Her most powerful social media platform is TikTok, where she gains lots of views with her video format Ask an OBGYN accompanied with music and short dance. On her Youtube channel, she shares a similar type of videos in a longer form.                                                                                                       

Dr. Jennifer Gunter

 Instagram: 121K Followers     TikTok: 125.7 K Followers       As an OBGYN, a specialist in chronic pain and a New York Times columnist, Dr. Gunter is considered to be one of the fiercest advocates for women’s health. She has been called Twitter’s resident gynecologist and her book The Vaginal Bible or The Menopause Manifesto became international bestsellers.      

Dr. Jessica Shepherd

Instagram: 55.4 K Followers

Dr. Shepherd is an OBGYN and media health expert based in Chicago. She regularly appears in American TV shows to discuss women’s health issues. Most popular social media format is IGTV and Reels on her Instagram profile – the content is dedicated to raise awareness about cervical cancer, breast cancer and other female diseases.

Danielle Jones, MD, FACOG

Instagram: 256 K Followers

TikTok: 837.7 K Followers

Dr. Jones is one of the very first gynecologists active on TikTok – her first post on this popular social media platform was posted way back in 2019. Her youtube channel has almost 1 M subscribers – very popular are videos on debugging myths around gynecology and OBGYN Fun Facts.

Amir Marashi, MD, FACOG, FACS

Instagram: 71.7 K Followers

Dr. Marashi is Board Certified Gynecologist specialized in Vaginoplasty, Pelvic Pain & Endometriosis. On his Instagram profile, he shares authentic videos from the gynecological surgeries and informative posts about endometriosis, vaginoplasty and G-spots. Dr. Marashi has been dubbed “The Vagina Whisperer”.



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