Aspivix CEO Mathieu Horras Discusses How Much IUD Insertion Can Hurt Less on X-Health.show

Renens, Switzerland – 3 October 2023 – Mathieu Horras, CEO of Aspivix, recently joined Alex Jani on the X-Health.show podcast to delve into pressing issues and innovations in women’s healthcare concerning IUD insertions.

The Pain Scale: A Conversation Starter

Mathieu and Alex kicked off the discussion by addressing the varying degrees of pain women experience during IUD insertion. The conversation shed light on the scale of 0-10 that is often used but rarely understood the same way by patients and doctors alike.

You can listen to the full podcast here.

Perception vs Reality

The podcast explored the gap between how medical professionals and patients perceive pain during gynecological procedures. Mathieu emphasized the need for a more empathetic and patient-centric approach in the medical field.

Aspivix’s Game-Changing Device

Mathieu introduced listeners to Aspivix’s revolutionary suction-based cervical stabilizer, Carevix™. Clinically proven to reduce pain and bleeding, this device aims to replace the century-old tenaculum used in gynecology.

Mathieu and Aspivix’s Mission

Mathieu Horras, an engineer turned femtech entrepreneur, shared his journey of joining Aspivix and leading the team to develop solutions that make gynecological procedures less painful.

Listen to Learn More

For a deeper dive into these topics and to hear more from Mathieu Horras, tune in to X-Health.show hosted by Alex Jani. The episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of women’s healthcare.

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