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9 Books on Women’s Health & Gynecology

Books remain the undisputable golden standard in the distribution of information. That’s why it is only fitting that they have their own month where they are celebrated like the undoubted Kings and...
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The Effect of Contraceptives on Mental Health

On the occasion of Mental Health Day celebrated on October 10, it would be timely to talk about the effect of contraceptives on mental health. There is no doubt that medical science has made...
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Innovations in Female and Male Contraception

Contraception has come a long way – from unusual birth control methods like crocodile dung, natural ointments, and lemon rinds that our ancestors have used, we now have birth control pills, injectables,...
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Gynecology & Women’s Health on Social Media

For over 40 years, September has been recognized as Sexual Health Awareness Month. This year the theme is Turn it on: Sexual health and gynecology on social media in a digital world. Accelerated by...
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How to be Inclusive in Gynecology?

“You can’t be modern if you are not inclusive.” In this article we talk about being inclusive in gynecology.  It was the feedback Aspivix received in social media after releasing its newly...
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