Meet Carevix 

Suction Cervical Stabilizer

A next generation cervical tenaculum that allows clinicians to deliver atraumatic cervical engagement without compromising on performance.

Carevix is engineered with suction technology and anatomically designed to reduce pain and bleeding during transcervical procedures. 

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Early results for our First in Women Phase-I trial are promising. Women undergoing IUD procedures experienced low or no pain and no bleeding.

The First in Women Phase-II, a comparative randomized trial, is currently underway in Switzerland, at the Lausanne and Geneva University Hospitals (CHUV and HUG). The results from this trial are expected in August 2021.

Both the CHUV and HUG are leading hospitals in Switzerland ranking among the top 10 medical institutions in Europe (1). According to Newsweek World’s Best Hospital 2020, the CHUV is among the top 15 best hospitals in the world. (2)

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Benefits to Clinicians

As a medical professional, is always good to have options. Very soon clinicians will have an alternative to the traditional tenaculum.

Carevix TM, a next generation suction cervical stabilizer, will allow you to:

  • Deliver superior care to your female patients by significantly reducing overall anxiety and trauma.
  • Achieve greater predictability during IUD procedures by eliminating bleeding.
  • Increase your own peace of mind by using a next generation device that delivers both high performance and best female care all in one.
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    95% of practitioners are dissatisfied with the use of the cervical tenaculum *

    Up to 7cm average pain score on a Visual Analogue Scale 0-10 cm is experienced by women due to the cervical tenaculum *

    Fear of pain during intrauterine device (IUD) insertion is a barrier to the use of IUDs as a contraceptive method. *

    Suction cervical stabilizer and female patients

    Because it’s time for modern gynecology, Aspivix is developing a next generation of cervical tenaculum that is designed to offer an atraumatic engagement to the cervix with less pain and less bleeding.

    Meet Carevix. The Gentle one.

    Are you looking for a highly effective contraception option?

    If so, you are probably considering an intrauterine device (IUD) and asking yourself many questions, including, is the procedure painful? You are not alone.

    IUDs are 99% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies, yet research shows that 18% of females are discouraged from using an IUD because of the fear of pain and trauma during the insertion.

    But what triggers the pain?

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    But what triggers the pain?

    One of the steps of this short office procedure requires that your cervix is stabilized. Today, gynecologist will use a device called the Tenaculum. It resembles a pair of scissors with two sharp hooks at the end. In order to work the clinician will pierce your cervix with this instrument.

    The tenaculum was invented over a century ago and remains largely unchanged.

    Collaboration with Strategic Partners

    Are you a manufacturer of Intrauterine devices or distributor of women’s health innovations?

    Are you a hospital focused on bringing innovative devices to your patients or clinician looking for women-centric solutions to your practice?

    We are eager to find the right strategic partners that will enable the access and adoption of Carevix  by hospitals, clinicians that will benefit the most from this cost-effective solution.

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    Carevix is designed to be use as an alternative to the Tenaculum. Therefore, its applications are various.

    In Contraception, Carevix might help deepen the adoption of Intrauterine Devices by lowering barriers of adoption associated with fear of procedure pain

    In Fertility, Carevix might decrease uterus contraction during embryo transfers increasing the chances of procedure success.